HardHat Business Solutions, Inc. is designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized construction related companies. HardHat's approach is flexible to help you meet your needs. HardHat is your CFO. Tell us what you need. Services may be provided on an ongoing periodic basis or they may be provided in the form of special projects. Some examples of scope of work may include:

  • Education of current finance and accounting staff.
  • Support for preparation of monthly or quarterly financial reports and job reports for bank, surety and insurance partners.
  • Preparation of key management reports.
  • Support for annual property and casualty insurance renewal.
  • Analysis to ensure all project-related costs, including insurance and other burdens are properly allocated to projects.
  • Analysis of overhead expenses and cost control initiatives.
  • Review of accounting procedures to minimize handling paper more than once and creating efficiencies in processes.
  • Review of internal controls and institution of policies and procedures.
  • Coordination of periodic meetings with project management to review cost estimates and evaluate remaining costs to complete projects.
  • Support for basic human resource functions such as handbooks and annual evaluations.
  • Oversight of other “back office” day-to-day functions

Whatever the scope of services provided, HardHat's ultimate goal is to provide business owners the information they need to successfully run their business and to give the time to focus on what is important to them.